Welcome to Issue 100 of Groovy Calamari. I started the newsletter on 17th April 2015. In these hundred issues, I have sent you 622 links. All of which I read, attempted to digest and introduced them to you. I have written 57241 words. Writing this newsletter has been an incredible learning tool for me. It forces me to keep a "weekly" routine of reading and curating Groovy ecosystem material.

However, I often struggle to find a Groovy Calamari link which I previously wrote. I know it is in the archive, but it was challenging to find. Google search results land you in individual issues. Same with the previous search.

I have written a web app which provides a better Groovy Calamari archives search:

For example, let say that you want to learn about the following topics:

Many of you probably remember Delicious, a 2003 social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Search Groovy Calamari is my personal Delicious for the Groovy Ecosystem.

Sergio del Amo