I am writing this issue from the airport on my way back from GR8Day Warsaw. The one day conference was a blast with great content and a new format which I liked. Consecutive 30m/30m talk blocks followed by a long break. I think it gave the conference pace and encourage discussion. Venue, organization, party afterwards, everything organised perfectly. Well done guys.

Attendance was fine around 70 persons. The vibe which I perceived around the language is a mixed feeling. On the one hand the community is positive about how rich the ecosystem is, on the other hand the community size is small and it is easy to perceive scepticism even among the most groovy seasoned about the future.

My opinion: Although I share some of the somber thoughts, I am all-in with the language and the ecosystem. We are developing with Grails 3 and many other pieces of the ecosystem (Spock, Geb, Gradle, Sshoogr ..) and I think it gives us a faster development pace. I think we need to evangelise the ecosystem and here are a couple of links to do just that.

Groovy Calamari