This week news: The announcement of Gradle Script Kotlin, Kotlin-based build language for Gradle. With Gradle version 3.0 Kotlin will be the language of choice for developing Gradle plugins. Gradle plugins written in Groovy will continue to work and Groovy support in Gradle will not be deprecated 🤔.

How I feel about this? Groovy is NOT doomed but I think it is very bad news. A year ago I wrote that Spock and Gradle were Groovy's Trojan horses. In another issue I posted a link to the Android/Gradle Udacity course, a course which contained an intro to Groovy. A course which reached thousands of students and told them about Groovy. Groovy had presence, although small, in the platform with more traction in the world. I've preached for Groovy's adoption in the android world as key to attract more Groovy developers into the ecosystem. Something desperately needed in my opinion.

Note, my point of view about Kotlin-Gradle impact is not shared by many people. Moreover, I've read it is a very naive point of view. Lets hope they are right.

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