Sometimes, people pour their soul into a technology, and as a consequence, they become an authority on the technology. They are bright, recognizable faces of the community. But they have a life. They change jobs. They discover other technologies. They dislike the direction their beloved technology is going. When you leave a company, you should not trash talk it. You hurt the company. Moreover, you hurt the employees, the partners, the company providers. Anyone involved. Same with a technology you love, especially if you are a face of it.

You will often hear the sentence, the best of Groovy is its community. It is an excellent community. But let me tell you something. I was not attracted to Groovy by its community. I was attracted by the ecosystem pieces (Grails, Geb, Griffon) that enable you to get things done. They allow you to work in an elegant, joyful and testable way. While innovation keeps happening (GraphQL, Multi-tenancy, Data Services...), the tools are so mature that they are a safe choice for any company small or big to develop their products (see below).

Sergio del Amo