I have some special news to share with you today.

I will organize Greach 2019.

📅 28th, 29th, 30th March 2019.
📍Madrid, Spain 🎭 Luchana Theater.
Speakers: G. Rocher, A. Almiray, G. Laforge, J. Barroso... you?

Why am I doing this?

Several reasons.

4th of November, 2011. I attended my first Greach conference. I have attended every Greach conference since. As promised, I was pleasantly surprised by how much Grails simplified development and how magical it seemed. That conference attendance certainly lit a fire under my belly. I began to check Grails and obsess about it.

  • Second. I believe technical conferences have a mayor role in the technology adoption. I don't think that it is a coincidence that great companies such as Salenda, Kaleidos, Osoco, Virtual Software which work with Groovy ecosystem technologies are in the Madrid area. Those companies plant the G seed in many others (client, collaboratos, etc.). If we ask GR8Conf EU organizers, I am pretty sure Copenhagen has a similar Groovy ecosystem hub.

I want Micronaut to spread like wildfire and Grails continue to do what has been able to do for the past decade, help build real products. This is why I write this newsletter. This is why I am organizing Greach 2019. As a reward, the success of these technologies, pays me back with amazing opportunities such as the great job that I enjoy at OCI.

Thus, if you want to come to Greach, please visit and buy some tickets. Also, this year the conference has a broader spectrum with an Android + JVM langs track. I have myself mobile development experience and I see a really powerful intersection between JVM backend development and Android development .

If you want to be a Speaker at Greach, please fill the call for papers.

Also, this issue contains useful links about Open ID connect which I am integrating into Micronaut. Be sure to bookmark those links.

Sergio del Amo