This issue includes several Gradle 5.0 links.

First things first. I like Gradle a lot. I use it every day and I benefit from the technology a lot.

But let me speculate on Gradle's future.

Income: Gradle raised 4.2 M on December 2015. Apart from the money raised, we can assume they have a good contract with Google to provide collaboration with Android studio and some lucrative Gradle enterprise contracts with companies such as LinkedIn or Netflix.

Expenses: According to Linked In has 53 employees. It has several open positions in there website. Those engineer salaries are not cheap.

Future: Are they breaking even? I hope I am wrong but I don't think so. Thus, I think we should hear during 2019, either bad news or news about a new round being raised or an acquisition.

Acquisition. Who can acquire Gradle Inc? Microsoft, Google, Jet Brains? I assume Kotlin DSL brings them even closer to Jet Brains. A company, which I guess, is already close to them due to the Android Studio collaboration. Gradle + JetBrains (IntelliJ+IDEA) + Kotlin could create a development experience close to Apple with Xcode + Swift.

Let us see what is the future of Gradle in 2019. I wish them the best success to all of the employees and the company. But let me express several wishes:

Do i wish Gradle had committed to Groovy's development instead of moving to a Kotlin DSL? Yes, of course. Specially, if you have on your payroll Groovy's top contributors.

Do I wish Gradle allowed any of their employees to contribute to Groovy's development now? Yes, i think that could be thoughtful from a company which, one may argue, was built on the shoulders of Groovy. Officially, they don't plan to deprecate their Groovy's DSL. Thus, it is not too late to allow someone to give back to Groovy's codebase.

A wish for 2019, please Gradle, Inc. do not hire Paul King or Daniel Sun and pull them out of Groovy's development. I think you pulled enough talent out of Groovy's ecosystem already.

Sergio del Amo