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Happy new year.

The 9th of January, it will be my 2nd year anniversary at OCI. Before that, I had a startup called Shoptimix. @pmartinenza joined us and helped us build our Android app. While he was working with us for two years (we sweat a lot of code together), he was growing his indy Android success story. He has been building an app to give underground, bus and train indications in Madrid for more than ten years. No venture capital, no investment. Sweat and blood. And he was crushing it. With gazillion daily users and a healthy income coming from ads.

I often joked, Pablo was the Android success story poster guy. Actually, he was the only guy I knew who was making money as an indy developer. Not someone developing apps for others. But someone developing his own apps and creating a business around it. Utility apps, no games tricking people to buy in-app purchases. Honestly, if he had been invited to a Google IO, I would have not been surprised. He was employing 5 persons already. He should have been a guy Google promoted, an inspiration to developers. Instead, Google crushed his business on Christmas Eve. Without prior notice, without human intervention, a cold, maybe automatic, email.

Read the link below. If you can raise awerness of his story or share this story with someone inside Google, I thank you in advanced. You will be helping a friend. You will be helping a fellow developer.

Sergio del Amo

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