Predator was an acronym of Precomputed Data Repositories and obviously an homage to Predator Sci-fi movie from 1987. A movie which many of the Micronaut users may know or love. It was not an homage to Adidas Predator, probably the most famous soccer shoes in the world. And of course, it was not implied to convey an association with sexual predators. A term which I believe is part of US justice system to refer to behaviors such as Bill Cosby's sexual assaulting. Some people were vocal about their dislike of Predator because the latter association. Personally, I think we should not kidnap words.

It reminded me of the origins of this newsletter. I started this newsletter with this idea. A curated collection of links distributed via email about the Groovy ecosystem. I originally named the newsletter Groovy Dev Week. A clear analogy to IOS Dev weekly. A hugely successful newsletter in the iOS world, an ecosystem I was working a lot with around 2014/2015. In fact to this day, I am using the software created by iOS Dev Weekly author to publish this newsletter.

Guilliame Laforge was publishing in his blog a series of entries named Groovy Weekly. I don't think it was distributed via email and it was completely different format to me. It was a more exhaustive collection of links, while I aimed to build a curated selection of 6-10 links per email.

I had some experience with Groovy or Grails but I did not considered myself an expert. When, I first announced the newsletter, I immediately got backlash. People pointed me to other blog series in the ecosystem or suggested me to stop and contribute to others. Compared to the backlash about Predator name, what I got was a mild reaction. But it felt really discouraging.

It takes some courage to put something out in the open and committing publicly to do something. To get hammered immediately is soul crushing.

I decided it to change the newsletter name to Groovy Calamari (a brand I am really fond of) weeks later and focused on what is important

Sergio del Amo


Precomputed Data Repositories