Tomorrow, we say hello to 2020🎆. I wish you an immense success in your professional and specially in your personal lives in the next year.

Next, find a list of my professional goals for 2020.

Sergio del Amo

Revamp Groovy Calamari newsletter

Lets observer subscribers by year:

  • 2015 294 subscribers
  • 2016 600 subscribers
  • 2017 800 subscribers
  • 2018 932 subscribers
  • 2019 973 subscribers

How many newsletter did I write every year:

  • 2015 22 issues
  • 2016 40 issues
  • 2017 57 issues
  • 2018 24 issues

The number of newsletters I wrote this year drop dramatically, subscribers plateau.

Why I am writing less? Busier personal life? Too many pet projects (Greach, podcasts, public speaking ...) ? Busy work year? Probably a combination of all. I have not really give it enough thought to have an answer. The only thing I know is that I don't want to lose this newsletter, so in 2020 I want/need to get back to writing and learning.

Get over my wrist problems

During 2019, I had horrible wrist pain. In the past month, things seems to be a bit better. I am trying to be more disciplined about posture and I am using a Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and mouse .

But honestly, what I must do is exercise. I plan to do 30 minutes of swimming pool every day and close my apple watch rings daily.

If I really want to stay in this profession, I need to be healthy. I really enjoy sitting in front of a computer (probably I enjoy it too much) but for some parts of 2019 I dreaded typing and clicking.