Today Greach 2020 should have started. However, on March 5th we canceled Greach due to COVID-19. At the moment, I doubted if it was too extreme for such a small event; 100-150 attendees. Now, it looks crazy that I had such doubts.

Today is my 15th day at home. I have been in home confinement for the past two weeks with my two kids. The older 4 years. My wife is the one going out. She is still working in the hospital and she goes out to buy food. Spain situation is really bad (more than 500 death a day and growing) and I am not optimistic. Myself and my beloved ones are, so far, safe.

If coronavirus has not hit your country or region yet, take it seriously (it is not just a flu), prepare to isolate, protect the more vulnerable and protect yourself. It is the plague. If you are at home by yourself, you are not alone. Reach out to the Micronaut and Groovy community through the Internet. Sun always shines after the storm.

Please, find next a couple of links about the latest Micronaut release. It is a good think to distract our minds from COVID-19.

Sergio del Amo