OCI is the only company that has a Groovy contributor on the payroll, Paul King. Thus, Groovy is tragically underfunded.

I've seen the initiative to create a donation mechanism to support Groovy development brewing in the Groovy Mailing list for a while. See link to the open collective below.

Honestly, I have not chimed in the discussion because although it seemed like a good idea, I am skeptical about the initiative.

Cons - Paying for things:

If you have ever tried to sell any paid app in either App Store or Google Play, you have seen that people is terrible about paying for certain things on the internet. The app is great but for 2.99 € I need to give you 0 stars.

You may think programmers are better. Well, try doing the next experiment. Google any of your favourite programming books with the suffix PDF. Chances are you will get a free PDF in a shady server in the first results page. I pay for my programming books but if this exists is because programmers are easily lured into piracy.

Aside: Since Google knows every book name on the planet, could they fight this piracy? I think they could fight it easily, but I am afraid they don't want to. Another don't be evil example? 😏

Cons - The Groovy Community niche

I have been writing this newsletter for almost 4 years, I love the Groovy community but it is not a big community. How big is the part of this niche community willing to support financially Groovy's development? Hopefully, I am proven wrong but I am afraid the number will be disheartening. Sometimes is better not to know.

Hope - A channel for companies using Groovy to fund their technology

My hope is that small companies using Groovy see this as an easy channel to fund Groovy's development. Which is an intelligent business decision if you do your business with Groovy., Level Data, Salenda, AgoraPulse have already done it. Hopefully, other companies follow their lead.

Please, donate. Every little donation helps!

Sergio del Amo



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