@sbglasius, @brianjohnsendk, @JacobAae, @codeJENNerator, @mlkristiansen and the rest of the GR8Conf crew did a wonderful job and run and amazing GR8Conf 2019. It was probably the best agenda of any GR8Conf I have attended.

The venue, copenhagen IT University, is spectacular. From an architectural point of view and also as convenience for lunches and people gathering And although it may sound mundane, food was excellent and there was as much coffee as anyone would want to drink. As a heavy coffee drinker, not a small detail.

I would like to thank the GR8Conf organizers for inviting me to speak and everyone who came and talked to me about Groovy Calamari. Really nice to hear from people who get some value out of the newsletter and the podcast.

I hope we manage to attract more people to GR8Conf and Greach 2020. Those conferences fuel the motor which keeps the wheel of the Groovy Community turning. Conferences convert people to Groovy, which in turn results in more projects being made with Groovy related frameworks and technologies, which in turn generates more Groovy jobs and Groovy consultancy opportunities.

Sergio del Amo