Spock and Gradle are Groovy's Trojan horses

It seems lately that you can use Gradle to build anything. For example, I began recently to use Gradle and Asciidoctor to generate technical documentation in our company. Also, Gradle is now Android's build technology. That is huge. I interviewed a lot of Android programmers in the last weeks. I discovered some of them are getting into programming first in Android. They will eventually discover Groovy because of Gradle and that is very important for the language future.

Another gateway drug is Spock. Spock it is a testing framework. Thus it is easy to slowly add it to a company's technology stack. Spock capabilities are so powerful, you will find several links in this issue, so it is an easy buy in.

Both of them, Gradle and Spock, are great Trojan horses to spread Groovy's adoption.

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